Solar For Your Home

The Facts:

  • The cost of utility electricity continues to rise steadily – there were three utility electricity rate hikes in 2013 alone!
  • You can get 30% of solar system installation costs refunded to you by way of a Federal Income Tax CREDIT.  It’s not an income deduction, but a CREDIT!
  • Most solar systems pay for themselves in around 5 years.  That’s a 20% annual return on your investment!  How does that compare to your existing investment portfolio returns?
  • Installing solar is EASY!  There are no batteries, you stay connected to the grid and a typical home installation takes only two days
  • You can finance the entirety of the cost of your system and make low-interest payments for up to 20 years
  • Solar systems have warranties that extend out to 25 years, though they have a useful life-cycle of over 30 years.  Your solar system will have paid for itself about seven times over again by the time it’s due for replacement
  • Solar is the ONLY investment you can make in your home which truly pays for itself in CASH
  • Solar ads real resale value to your home, but in many cases, is exempt from increases in your property taxes

Financial Incentives

Currently, the only real financial incentive available to residential solar system customers is that of the 30% Federal Income Tax Credit. It’s actually quite simple; 30% of the amount you spend on the purchase of your solar system is eligible to be reimbursed by way of a Federal Income Tax CREDIT – not and income deduction, but a CREDIT! See IRS Form # 5965, Residential Energy Credits. You can even receive the Tax Credit if you finance the entirety of your solar system purchase. This credit is very easy to qualify for, and is virtually free of caveats – your Tax Preparer will know of it and it’s even available through electronic tax preparation such as Turbo Tax. IT’S EASY AND AS GOOD AS CASH! Please consult your tax preparer for exact details.



At Pac Solar we offer a complete service, which includes:  qualification, system design, engineering, permitting, installation, commissioning, maintenance and system service.  Our service is 100% turnkey.  All you need to do is give us ‘the go’, we handle the rest.Solar system installation is much easier and lower-impact than you may think.  In fact, the average residential solar system takes a four-man Installation Team only two days to complete.  And the system itself is much simpler than you may imagine.  There are two main components:  the panels (arranged together into an array) and the DC/AC inverter.  The solar array produces DC energy, which the inverter then converts into the same AC energy which flows from the grid.  SEE HOW SOLAR WORKS.

We take exceptional care to make sure that our solar systems are designed to fit your energy needs, that the design is aesthetically balanced with your home’s appearance and that it is integrated in a fashion that will guaranty 30+ years of hassle-free performance.

Warranties on the solar equipment we install extend out to 25 years and we offer a written 10 year labor warranty on all of our installations.


We offer our customers the ability to finance up to 100% of the cost of their solar system by way of a low-APR, unsecured loan.  It is very easy to qualify for, requiring only a 700 FICO, and offers a borrowing amount of up to $35,000.  The financing terms are extendable out to 20 years and because the loan is unsecured, the note remains free from your home’s equity.  There is also no prepayment penalty, so you can close the note whenever you choose.  We have put several of our customers through this program and have received very positive feedback.


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