Government and Schools

Solar for Schools

Greening your Educational Institution by adding solar is a win for your operational budget and a positive example for your student body

Exemplify your school districts forward thinking and commitment to sustainability by adding solar power. Educational institutions facing budget cuts or who are looking to reduce their operating costs can be very well served by adding solar. The available financing plans often require zero capital expenditure and include a flat, predictable cost to the energy the solar system produces. So, the cost of the clean energy from sunshine is predictable and can be budgeted, unlike the constant arbitrary increase in the cost of conventional utility energy. Costs aside, on-site solar systems at schools provide a nearly endless educational opportunity for the student body and helps create a positive energy-culture among students, parents and faculty which can last a lifetime.

Pac Solar provides solar for all sorts of schools: public or private, K-12, universities and research facilities. Our services are full-scope, from initial consulting through to installation and system management. You’ll find that we bring unmatched professionalism to every step of your solar system implementation.



Solar for Government

Lead by Example – Solar for Government and Municipalities

Adding solar to governmental facilities is an excellent way for community leaders to exemplify their stance on environmental issues and to truly lead by example. The stability and strength of credit typical of governmental agencies allows for some of the best financing opportunities available in the solar industry. Adding solar to your facility will reduce operational costs and support green jobs, while having a positive impact on the environment and the public your entity serves.

Pac Solar’s comprehensive service takes your solar project from feasibility through to system integration and management. We work closely with your agency directors and facility managers to identify site-specific conditions and goals, so as to present and contrast appropriate materials and technologies, ensuring optimal system design and performance.


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