Commercial and Agricultural

Commercial & Agricultural Solar

Drastically reduce your company’s operating costs and demonstrate social and environmental responsibility

Pac Solar offers a full-spectrum of solar energy solutions for businesses of all sizes and scales.  Our turnkey service begins with analyzing your current energy usage and evaluating your site for solar-viability, while laterally consulting on your organization’s aspirations, goals and concerns as it relates to the potential for adding solar.  Our team will then handle the solar design, engineering, permitting, installation and integration to grid.  We facilitate the financing of your system and even prepare the necessary documentation for solar rebates and tax credits.

Integrating grid-tied solar to your company is an investment that pays dividends for decades, and often pays for itself in as little as five years.  Hedge against the ever-rising cost of utility electricity and show your customers your dedication to environmental stewardship.

The Facts:

  • The cost of utility electricity continues to rise steadily – there were three utility electricity rate hikes in 2013 alone!
  • Most purchased commercial solar systems realize 100% ROI in around 5 years.  That’s a 20% annual return on your investment!
  • Commercial solar systems are eligible for a 30% Federal Income Tax CREDIT!
  • There are HUGE marketing benefits for companies that add solar
  • Commercial solar systems are often installed for ZERO capital expenditure.  Solar Leases, Solar Loans and Power Purchase Agreements are the most popular financial products for commercial solar
  • Solar systems have warranties that extend out to 25 years, though they have a useful life-cycle of over 30 years.  Your solar system will have paid for itself about seven times over again by the time it’s due for upgrading

Ready to get started?

Our Processes …

Step 1 – Utility Bill Analysis and Solar Site Assessment

We will first analyze how much electricity your company uses, and what time of day the usage is highest.  We then contrast that to data to the utility rate schedule you’re on, and balance that it against the net effect of an integrated solar system of a specific size.  One of our Solar Professionals will personally inspect your company’s facility, measuring roof/ground space, inspecting the electrical integration points, noting shading and other site-complexities, etc.  We firmly believe in gathering all the necessary data personally and well in advance to proposing a solar solution, so that what we propose to your organization is exactly what we’ll deliver on.

Step 2 – System Design and Engineering

Our concerted goal is to propose to your organization a solar solution that meets your energy needs, fits your budget and integrates seamlessly to your existing facility.  We take great care to listen to and prioritize our customer’s goals, constraints and sensitivities so that we meet or exceed expectations.  Our solar design and engineering process is always an intricate balance of safety, aesthetics, performance and integration.

Step 3 – Financing

While an outright purchase delivers the greatest return on investment, many commercial solar customers don’t have the tax appetite to monetize the Federal tax incentives available when adding solar.  Solar leases, solar-specific loans and solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are available to non-profits and financially savvy businesses who want the opportunity to add solar with minimal capital investment, while enjoying the operational cost savings of the solar system from day-1.  It’s no wonder why nearly 75% of the commercial solar systems installed in America are financed.

Step 4 – Installation

Pac Solar’s commitment to installation quality and excellence is virtually unmatched.  We strive to always be forthright, to over communicate the project status, so that our customers are well informed and are in constant contact during our solar system installations.  Nothing is more important to our team than assuring the project is handled in a safe manner, that it’s executed in a professional manner, that we’re on-time and on-budget, and that our customer’s construction needs, sensitivities and deadlines are met.

Step 5 – Operations & Maintenance

Solar systems have virtually no moving parts and are very reliable.  The incorporated components have warranties extending out to 25 years and the system as a whole has an expected life span of 30+ years.  But as with any piece of equipment, there is some system maintenance required – generally just assuring that the panels stay free from debris and that the system is operating as expected.  In addition to our standard warranty coverage, we do offer customized maintenance plans to suit our customer’s needs.