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Wind energy contributes significantly to the energy sector's sustainable, low-CO2 transformation. However, the efficiency of wind turbines depends on available wind resources and the technical characteristics of the turbines. [...]
Tue, Jun 21, 2022
Source: Science Daily
New results from real-world tests of a downwind turbine could inform and improve the wind energy industry in a world with intensifying hurricanes and a greater demand for renewable energy. [...]
Thu, Jun 16, 2022
Source: Science Daily
Studying ancient ocean floors could help us discover minerals needed to produce electric cars and solar panels. [...]
Fri, Jun 03, 2022
Source: Science Daily
To prevent the worst outcomes from climate change, the U.S. will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next eight years. Scientists from around the nation have developed a blueprint for success. [...]
Thu, Jun 02, 2022
Source: Science Daily



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