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alternate textAmerican-Made panels and inverters – our solar systems incorporate only the highest quality products

At Pac Solar we believe in using only the finest solar equipment available, in every aspect of our system integrations.  We also believe strongly in incorporating American-Made product whenever feasible.  We stand by our support of the American economy and we value sourcing product locally from manufacturers who focus on sustainability.  Our top-quality product and top-notch service combine to provide you with a solar system that will be producing energy reliably for 30+ years.

SolarWorld panels. Manufactured in Hillsboro, Oregon for almost 40 years.

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There are now over 130 manufacturers of solar panels worldwide, with new ones popping up almost weekly, most of whom stem from China.  We have learned to be very discerning as to the solar panels we use, as many low-cost foreign panels have proven to have significant quality control issues.

Though we can acquire and install almost any solar panel produced, we choose to offer SolarWorld panels near exclusively.  This is why:

  • SolarWorld has been manufacturing panels in America for almost 40 years. A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it
  • Their panels are built and tested to performance and durability levels close to three-times more rigorous than the industry standards.  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW
  • Their black cell / black frame panels are aesthetically superior
  • Their panels have 25 year power production warranties
  • SolarWorld panels are the perfect balance of performance, quality, durability and price-point

Visit SolarWorld’s website for more information on their excellent product.

Unirac, America’s most installed solar racking systems

alternate text Unirac has long been the industry leader in solar racking design and innovation.  At Pac Solar, we’ve installed solar racking made by several other manufacturers, but have now decided stick with Unirac product almost exclusively.  Generally regarded as the ‘industry standard’, Unirac solar mounting solutions couple proven durability with cost-effectiveness, which is why more Unirac goes up on roofs every year than any other.  See for yourself at

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WATCH THIS VIDEO, depicting the quality and durability of SolarWorld panels.


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SMA, the world’s most installed solar inverter.  32 years of German engineering expertise, but assembled in America. 

Solar DC/AC inverters are the ‘brains of the operation’, responsible for monitoring the utility grid and the solar array, while constantly maintaining the highest possible Maximum Power Point (MPPT) in the conversion of DC energy to AC energy.  At Pac Solar, we understand the critical nature of incorporating a top-quality inverter, which is why we almost exclusively install SMA.

alternate textAs the world’s leader in inverter engineering for 32 years, SMA’s innovative transformerless inverters are simply the best you can install.  Here’s why:

    • DC to AC power conversion efficiencies up to an incredible 98.7%
    • 10 year replacement warranty, extendable out to 20 years
    • Superior German engineering from a proven industry leader of over 30 years
    • No transformers, which reduces weight and operating temperatures, and increases life expectancy
    • Assembled in Denver, Colorado

Visit the SMA website for more information on their industry-leading solar inverters

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